Onychomycosis in diabetes. Management considerations.


With exciting recent developments in the field of medical mycology and a new generation of oral antifungal agents, there has been renewed interest in the management of onychomycosis. Epidemiologic surveys report an overall disease prevalence of 2% to 13% and evidence of steadily rising incidence worldwide. Onychomycosis, beyond being a mere cosmetic nuisance, as it has been labeled historically, can be a serious infection that may have a deleterious impact on patients' overall quality of life and well-being. Across medical disciplines, onychomycosis is well recognized as being arduous both to diagnose and to manage. In addition to the importance of treating onychomycosis in the general population, there is strong clinical impetus to treat patients with concomitant conditions in order to prevent primary disease-related complications that, ultimately, can be life-threatening.


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