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Based on a one-way function and the intractability of the Diffie–Hellman problem, Pinch proposed a on-line multiple secret sharing protocol which allows the shares to be reused. Ghodosi et al. showed that Pinch’s protocol is vulnerable to cheating. They also proposed a method to prevent the cheating problem in Pinch’s protocol. However, both Pinch’s and Ghodosi et al.’s protocols suffer from the disadvantages of high computation overhead and sequential reconstruction in the secret recovery phase. In this article, we propose a new on-line multiple secret sharing scheme. The security of the proposed scheme is only based on a one-way function, not on other intractable problems. Compared with other well-known schemes, our scheme has the advantages of lower computation overhead and parallel reconstruction in the secret recovery phase. q 1999 Elsevier Science B.V. All rights reserved.


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