The base-line data on child mortality and morbidity in Turk Colony, Baldia town.


The UNICEF in collaboration with the University of Karachi and Jaycees sponsored the project for the construction of soakpit latrines and the dissemination of basic health education materials for the improvement of sanitary conditions in slum areas of Karachi. Turk Colony in Baldia Town is one of the slum areas where the soakpit project has been established with the primary objective of improving the sanitary condition, particularly the disposal of human waste which contribute largely to the problems of health and disease. It is assumed that long-life soakpit latrines would be a relevant solution to reduce the problems of child mortality and morbidity. The soakpit project has been established which envisages to construct soakpit latrines in Baldia Town starting with Turk Colony and eventually to cover the entire area.


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